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COVID-19 Update

Phase 2 Appointments On Hold

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Phase 1


Phase 1 Online Presentation:


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The CCW course includes demonstration of safe, responsible handling of handguns and advises the student of the laws surrounding the lawful carrying and usage of firearms in Florida.The Phase 1 online presentation lasts approximately 2.5 hours and is delivered live online. Pre-registration is required. You must watch the entire presentation. Pass/Fail written tests will be given on webinar content during your Phase 2 Live Fire Qualification.

BOTH Phase 1 and Phase 2 must both be completed in order
before a  certificate of completion is issued.
*Register for Phase 2 below*

A valid [not expired] government-issued ID is required in order to be issued a certificate of completion.


Phase 2

Phase 2 Live-Fire Portion:

(In-Person, By Appointment)
Apalachicola National Forest

Public Shooting Range

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*Phase 1 must be completed before registering for Phase 2*

Schedule an appointment to complete the Phase 2 Live-Fire Qualification in person with one of our NRA-certified Instructors.


Certificate will only be issued after BOTH portions are completed.

For safety at the range, hair should be tied back, exposed skin should be reasonably covered, closed-toed shoes should be worn, and non-restrictive clothing is suggested.

The Apalachicola Public Shooting Range is a covered, outdoor range down a 4 mile dirt road which can get muddy or bumpy. We recommend using the main entrance to the Apalachicola Public Forest via Springhill Road. 

Students may bring their own handguns, however, any firearms brought to the range must be unloaded and must be inspected by a staff member. If you bring your own handgun, you must provide your own ammo. We will provide only .22 caliber handguns and .22 ammo.

Students must be 18 years or older and must sign waiver of liability to participate in the course.

COVID-19 Update

Phase 2 Appointments On Hold

more info

COVID-19 Update

Phase 2 Appointments On Hold

more info

We are a mobile company and instruct by appointment only. 

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