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In consideration of the difficulties that COVID-19 has caused for our customers, our community, our instructors, and with limiting our appointments, Southeast Defense Training is offering no questions asked refunds of registrations purchased from any time after February 22, 2020 that were unable to schedule a Phase 2 appointment. This does not apply to students who have completed the training and received certificates or who did not show up to their Phase 2 appointment without cancelling in advance. 

If you would like to request a refund due to financial hardship, non-availability for appointments, instructor illness or exposure-related quarantine, illness, risk of illness, quarantine, childcare difficulties, or any other COVID-19 related circumstance, please fill out the form below.


For registrations purchased on, please fill out the form below and we will process a refund for you as soon as possible to the method of payment originally used. Please allow 1-7 days. 

For Groupon voucher refunds, you may contact Groupon's customer service for help ( Please note only Groupon can refund purchases made on their website and their terms and conditions apply to purchases made on their website. 


We are a mobile company and instruct by appointment only. 

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