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What is Southeast's hybrid CCW & Basic Handgun Safety class?

In order to better fit into our students' busy scheduled, we offer a hybrid class for the CCW & Basic Handgun Safety Class. The hybrid class consists of two phases. Phase 1 is an Online Presentation of information that is taken online from home at your own pace and lasts about 2.5 hours. Phase 2 is a Live Fire Qualification that consists of a written exam and a shooting qualification at the range and lasts about 30 minutes. Both phases must be completed to obtain a certificate. You can sign up for both at

When is the next class? How do I register for it?

You can view the class schedule and register for a class at Phase 1 is an Online Presentation you can take from home at any time. Phase 2 is the Live Fire Qualification at the range. Shooting Qualifications are offered on average twice per month. As the ability to host the class depends on weather and range availability, appointment openings are usually posted 2-3 weeks in advance, and they fill up quickly. An appointment must be made in advance to do the Qualification. Walk ins will be denied.

Does Southeast's CCW & Basic Handgun Safety class fulfilll the training requirement to apply for a Florida concealed carry permit?

Yes, our classes are taught by NRA certified instrutors thus fulfilling the requirement for training. Addiitionally steps are needed to apply for your concealed carry permit from the state of Florida. Visit their website for more info:

What should I bring to/wear to the Live Fire Qualification?

We provide a .22 semi-automatic handgun and ammunition to take your Live Fire Qualification. You may bring your own handgun if you prefer, but it must be brought unloaded to the range and you must provide your own ammunition. Anyone bringing a loaded firearm to the range will be automatically failed and asked to leave without refund or reschedule.

We suggest you wear close toed shoes, long pants, and a high necked shirt to the range to protect your skin from flying hot brass and sun exposure. Also during the summer there are yellow flies at the range, so we suggest covering up. We will provide eye and ear protection.

I've never shot a gun, can I take the class?

Our instructors are adept at training all levels, from beginners to veterans. However, in order to pass the Live FIre Qualification, you must be able to safely load, fire, and unload a semi-automatic pistol with instructor guidance. We have never had a student fail because of inexperience or inability, but you will fail if you exhibit reckless or unsafe behavior such as pointed a firearm in an unsafe direction or at a person.

I have a Groupon voucher for a class, what do I do with it?

You can register for a class at and enter the Groupon voucher redemption code when it asks for a voucher number. You do not have to bring the Groupon to your appointment. Since you are taking a spot and committing to an appointment with an instructor whose time is set aside for you, your voucher will be redeemed upon registration. As a courtesy, we allow one reschedule if you contact us 72 hours or more before your class. At the 72 hour mark, your materials have been created and a timeslot for your appointment has been arranged with an instructor, so no refunds or reschedules will be given closer than 72 hours until class. Groupons MUST be redeemed online. Due to issues with counterfeit Groupons, we cannot accept them over the phone.

We will take expired Groupon vouchers up until one year past purchase date. To redeem an expired Groupon voucher, please contact You will not be able to use an expired Groupon voucher online but Hayley can redeem it for you as long as it's within one year of purchase.

I lost my certificate, can I get a replacement?

Lost or Replacement Certificates will be issued at a cost of $15.
Re-issuing certificates requires us to verify your passing of the class, and requires the same instructor who passed you to come into work to sign a new certificate. To cover their time, there is a small fee.
Request a Replacement at

We are a mobile company and instruct by appointment only. 

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