Basic Handgun Safety & CCW Class
Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of safety training this holiday. Gift vouchers for one of Southeast Defense Training's Basic Handgun Safety & CCW Classes. Classes can be taken by attendees 18 & up (16 & up with parent present), and consists of an online presentation and live fire qualification at the Apalachicola Public Shooting Range. The CCW course includes demonstration of safe, responsible handling of handguns and advises the student of the laws surrounding the lawful carrying and usage of firearms in Florida.

This class fulfills the training requirement to apply for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit under FL Chapter 790.06(h)(7).

A digital voucher that can be printed will be emailed to you within 72 hours of purchase by

Gift Voucher

Phase 1 of the class is an online presentation; Phase 2 is the live fire qualification at the Apalachicola Public Shooting Range. Registration by recipient required. Vouchers will be redeemed upon registration. Only valid at Tallahassee location.

We are a mobile company and instruct by appointment only. 

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