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Tallahasee Location
Tallahassee Location
Instructor & Education Coordinator
Hayley Howell

Hayley graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Editing, Writing, and Media and a minor in Public Safety. She has also received training in Business Administration from Florida State University and Valencia College. She has a career of experience in event coordination and adult education. She cofounded Southeast Defense Training and is instrumental in its expansion efforts to bring training to new areas and traditionally underserved populations. 


NRA-Certified Instructor

Disciplines: Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, Chief Range Safety Officer, & Range Safety Officer


Firearms Instructor
Kris Ettman

Kris is an NRA certified pistol Instructor and has received extensive training from the Marines. He completed the Marine Corps Marksmanship Coaches course & Marskmanship Instructors course. He instructed over 800 Marines on pistol marksmanship, and was awarded Rifle and Pistol Expert for every annual qualification.  He is currently the Military Liaison for Students for America's Military, is involved with the Collegiate Veterans Association, and is pursuing a Criminology degree at Florida State. 

NRA-Certified Instructor

Discipline: Pistol


Chief Firearms Instructor
Joshua Landingham

Joshua is an NRA-Certified Instructor in the Pistol and Home Firearms Safety disciplines. He has received his formal firearms training from various entities, and has experience using a wide range of civilian-marketed handguns. He is originally from the Panhandle and enjoys recreational hunting and fishing.

NRA-Certified Instructor

Disciplines: Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, Chief Range Safety Officer, & Range Safety Officer


Firearms Instructor
Bernnie Brandt

Bernnie is an NRA certified pistol Instructor and has received training from multiple law enforcement agencies, the United States Army, and a variety of civilian firearm training organizations. He has experience in public safety, threat assessment, and private security. He co-founded Southeast Defense Training in 2014 with the goal of promoting safety education and self defense education. 


NRA-Certified Instructor

Discipline: Pistol

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